I have been speaking to some business owners about the concept of ‘i+1’

It is basically to level up our own self and the people around us. By raising the bar and achieving higher standard, we can improve and be better.

For example, if we have got the knowledge of A-Z, shall we stop and be satisfied? How about moving to combine the letters instead of keeping ourselves happy knowing all the letters? 

If we have read 10 business books, how about reading another 10 of general knowledge, hooby and stories? If we have taken 10 steps ahead, how about jumping or galloping instead? 

Being able to challenge of what we have, is not about being ungrateful. It is rather to move and be better that shows how grateful we are with what we have.

Remember, we may want to have enough but it does not mean you stop from being better, every time! ‘i+1’ always think and move one level up from what we are now. 

Some of the things that we can do to encourage ourselves to step ahead are:

  1. Get yourself be part of a new circle. Make it a point to join and participate in any conference, convention or seminar which can bring you to meet different background of people.
  2. Get yourself a hobby. It should be something different from your work and routine. If you are an office manager, you may have a hobby in your small garden. If you are a teacher, you may have a hobby to paint.
  3. Be active. Involve in outdoor and physical activities. Or you may choose any which makes you move physically. It can be group or individual activities that you can manage within your time and financial budget.
  4. Read and listen to diversified content from various platform. It can be as traditional as it may or as technical as it may be.

In general, free yourself from thinking the only one way route. Truly, we must reach our destination. But, we have so many options and way to reach the same point depending on the luxury of time and budget that we have.

Similarly, levelling up ourselves will somehow include raising the standard in how we think, the way we speak and the action we take.

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