Most of the time, we easily realised that our physical body changes. It involves on how do we look and feel.

Example, last year, we used to weight at 75kg and this year we maintain at 70kg. Our body weight change. Last week, our fingernail was cut short, but today we have to clip it again. 

These are normal changes that we can easily see and feel ourselves without having others to tell us. Yet, most changes that we really need to be aware of is our internal changes. 

What does it means? 
This involves not only our body but mind and soul. What kind of changes that we must be aware of, other than physical external changes? 

1. We may want to see how we look at ourselves by listening to how we speak. 

Do we choose positive words? Do we use words which describe future more rather than the past? Do we speak on trivial matters all the time or giving thoughts about strategy and planning? 

This may sound ordinary, yet many of us fall in the trapped of self sabotage by not changing the way we speak. We may aware about his and moat of the time many don’t. 

2. We may want to see who are our associates and circle of friends. 

Are we maintaining the same and similar kind of circle for the past 5 years? So we expand our reach? Do we make new acquaintance over the years? 

Do we spend time with people who driven by the right cause? This may sound cliche, but it is true that the people around us really give impact on how we bring ourselves out. 
3. We may want to review what kind of activities that we involved. 

Are we keeping ourselves within certain parameter of scope? Do we let ourselves to go and move with variety of people, for different reasons? 

Do we allow ourselves to mix and meet with other community than the one we used to be with? Do we read other materials than what we normally read? Do we join outdoor and indoor activities which enhance ourselves, knowledge and network? 

Again, this is not something unusual. But many has gone too far from being himself to the best that he can. 


Regardless of the industry, career and challenges that we may face, having ourselves to change from within, takes the whole lot of courage. We may be in business and we may be not. We may be single and we may be havIng a big family to take care of. 

Giving focus for changes to take place starts from our own self. Unless and until we take that bold step to do it, nobody can helps us. Once we move, the rest will be result and impact which we need to measure and make improvement. 

Only by then, after the effort and hard work, we we leave things to Allah. He knows best. 

Blessings comes as we are aware of what we do. As every little steps taken based on the best intention with best way of doing, we believed that we will reap what we sow. 

We can decide when and how we want to change. It will be never the fault of others than we ourselves to be taken accountable.

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