2020 and Beyond: It starts from you.

Every year is a challenging year and it always bring stronger spirit to everyone. In business, other than having to have good habits, maintaining the right circle, building business with plan and move actively with changes, once need to be able to foresee potentials and threat.

Though there are so much to do, to learn and to overcome, the entrepreneurship spirit must remain. It is where you as an entrepreneur has decided to embark on this journey, he set to become someone, who is willing to work and to do what it takes to make things happens.

The first step starts from you. 
When there are bigger scope of doing business, there are some areas which you may want to choose to be part of the highlight of your 2020 success. 

1. Understanding your business and your customer like no other. 

Some may say that the economy and political situation gives big impact to their business. Customers who have lower purchasing power has become the major blame by many business owners. 

Yet, most issues in business may not be the real issues. Most of the time is the failure for us to understand the business model that we are in. Some of them do not understand their customers well which makes the communication process become harder.

Let’s take an example of fashion business. Regardless of the situation that we are facing, people still buy clothes. Some seller makes even more while some are losing. The changes may not only about their purchasing power but the customers’ experience and expectations are.

People nowadays want to make purchase without disturbance. They may want to go to your physical store, but they still want to have options for not having to travel to shop. They may want to explore your products, but they still have little time to do so as they are working long hours. That may want to buy more from time to time but they need to have the latest design and good materials. 

All these come back to the business owners themselves on how they do their business. To do it well, they need to understand the business and the customers well. 

As people change, the business that serves that group of people need to change. 

2. Giving the best to develop people in your organisation, starts from you. 

Regardless of how fast technology moves, people still attracted to other people. We live with emotions and changes do effect those emotions too. 

The bigger the corporation that we want to build, the more important it becomes for us to put priority in people development. The values that our business delivering out, are reaching to the people. So, it always be from the people to people. 

How best your business organisation putting the emphasis of developing people? 
How well do you plan to grow with the people which you may need to change from time to time?  
Does loyalty and being in an organisation for long means a lot or it is just another waste? 

Many business owners fail to build their team, as they do not start building themselves along. There should not be a exemption of anyone for a business to move on in their people development plan. 

From the lowest to the highest level of functions and position in your organisation, everyone should involved the movement of developing towards a better person. 

People development is NOT only about training. It comes with a whole package from small changes to the growth process of a company. 

3. Taking new challenges and be bold to initiate works of giving with that abundance mindset. 

How is your plan? How long do you plan? How deep your plan goes? 

We may find changes are inevitable and it has become an ongoing challenges to make things work as we plan. 

Again, what are new initiatives and challenges would you like to take for the next 12 months? Being a better person is one, but what is beyond yourself would you like to venture? 

Some may find that they may not have enough for themselves so they decided not to give to others. Many take it another way which they believe that by giving and sharing they can have more. 

It does it need to be in monetary value of giving. Though it always involves effort which costly, there should be your best challenge to take on for 2020.

How best you understand the abundance in life while maintaining your goals and aim in business ethically? 

Be Ready. Take action. 

People come and go, and changes are what makes us better. Weaknesses that each person or organisation has must be able to compensate for something better. 

The creation of life which always come in pairs is the natural law which gives everyone equal opportunity. 

Weaknesses always come with strength. Day with night. Happiness with sorrow. 

Therefore, facing 2020 onwards need all of us to go beyond what we know and understand better. 

Have a blast year ahead! 

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