Do you find yourself as a victim?

Every month, I spent almost, 40 – 52 hours meeting and sit in discussion sessions with business owners and their key people of the company. Business advisory as the main activities in ABA MALAYSIA, always need one to be active and alert on the 10 critical areas of business competitiveness.

I remember about one session where we work with business owner who formed the business 4 years back and now working hard to make it profitable.

During our first session of getting the right tone set for a smooth and great coaching session, I follow the normal procedures as there were also senior coaches in the session. In has become a normal situation where during some sessions all of us will be sitting together with clients, while most of the time the designated coach will attend to each company.

One of the most important part in the first round of discussion is to get the understanding from both advisors and business owners of all the obligations, commitment and expectations towards our coaching sessions throughout the journey.

One of the sessions left a great impact on myself as we discussed on having the right mindset as a business owner. As we were discussing on victor and victim mindset, I realised that our client are about to burst out with tears of frustrations as he shared his experience.

“I am working hard since the first day I started the business, but it seems every thing does not work as what I plan. I do not know what’s wrong but it seems unfair and I had become a victim since then…”

From there, I realised that this point need to be resolved there and then so the client will be able to move on. All of us agreed to continue to discuss deeper. This what was happened.

  1. We asked our client to list downs all his frustrations.
  2. Then, we look into what has been going on which lead to such result. Example, not enough sale is result. What cause that? Not able to take salary as the owner is a result. Being busy yet not enough sale, is result.
  3. We dive into the real points of findings for which the results are taking place.

I had a wonderful impact on myself as at the end of the sessions, our clients’ eyes are sparkling with clarity of what they need to do and how can the bring up themselves with a victor mentality.

Sometimes, as business owners, we may find it frustrating and tiring when we do not realised why things keep giving us the result that we don’t want. Most of the times, I realised that understanding the technical things in business operations are not enough. Getting advise and ideas from friends and foe are definitely NOT the best options for business owners to rely on.

In most session with clients, I had so much positive energy not because of the paid sessions, but rather on the result of the discussion. Once our client see the next move on how to move on, I realised that it has become an achievement that I am celebrating every single day.

Do you still find yourself as a victim? It is about time to change by finding out your true challenges which gives you the current result which you want to change.

Have a great day!

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