In many cases people think that being detailed and demanding is bad. People tend to look at leaders and bosses who look out for details in what they do as ‘annoying’.

Here are some points why most leaders in an organisation who have the eyes for details can be more successful in long term.

1. As they normally demanding, they want every attempt to be the best. In terms of team management, these leaders normally go all out and look for a balance performance throughout the organisation.

2. As for being detailed person, they normally will go for originality and creativity in what they do. This requires disciplined and hard work.

3. As a person who are being detailed, they do have certain expectation on dress code. Truly, just simply having a casual dress code. It does not guarantee of creativity and certain impact in the output.

4. One of the criteria for a successful organisation in support of building the people’s self-esteem. Leaders who are being detailed are able to build durable and long term self-esteem through personal work achievement.

Then, it is fine to have a leader who is obsesses with details. He might be the one who can shape you to become the best person in what you pursue in career and life.

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