Do you really need ‘teamwork’ all the time?

In any organization or any movement, people talk about how important teamwork is. First of all, what does teamwork means to you? Most will say that they are doing things together, which means they are a team, which work together.

Spending time together, meeting, discussion and all of group activities may be considered best by many to show a good teamwork. However, how far do you measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your objectives achieved as in teamwork?

In most cases, teamwork means to agree of doing things together as they achieve consensus in the related points. While this is good, how do you find what best if everyone tends to be agreeable rather than standing up for what it should be?

While you may find you have a great team at work, do you find that the company gets the best out of the team? Most of the time, teamwork only produces people who can work together. They are able to agree, achieve consensus, work towards agreeable goals and move in the same direction.

However, have they achieved certain breakthrough? How many of them come up with new things, which they may never have done before? Have they really come up with great products and services? Or are they simply producing a group of people who can work together?

Too much teamwork in your organization may result in having not the best options in the service and product that your company produced.  In many situations, we need an individual who is bold and strong enough to make the change, stand up for what is best and make decision to lead the change.

To put it in perspective, an organization does not need teamwork all the time but rather a good leader leading the team.

  1. The person must be strong in decisions making and ready to be accountable as a leader.
  2. He must have the clarity and understand what is democracy and when to collaborate when leading a team.
  3. He is clear that the objective of the team is to achieve the goal of getting a product or service best to customers rather than only focusing on maintaining the team relationship.
  4. He knows that he needs to challenge the members in the team to come up with the best as they are giving focus to excel.

Most of the times, original and provocative ideas normally do not come from a team but rather an individual who stands on his ideas and willing to take charge.

Therefore, as you are leading a company, and may have groups of teams in your monitoring, know best when to use and not use team in your work.

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