Since year 2008 as a business owner and later involved as trainer and consultant with some mentoring activities in preschool education business, this posting is dedicated to young entrepreneurs out there.

This is what I would like to share in terms of my coaching experience partly as a Coachee and Coach in business.

1. The understanding of the relationship between the Coach and Coachee is build based on trust. This will not come until one seek for it. It is beyond ‘you give me what I want because I pay you’ kind a like relationship. It needs one to be able to built in self-respect and respecting others in return.

2. It involves clear perspective of that the Coachee has the solutions (as the subject matter expert) while the Coach is helping to uncover his issues and solutions. It is not a consulting or training solely, but may come in combination of the elements.

3. Instead of an authoritative style, Coaches applied the collaborative leadership. This is beyond the ‘selling and closing’ by a ‘seller to a buyer’ type of communication.

4. Listening and questioning will takes place where it lead to a deep thinking process based on facts and figures. It requires certain level of people skill and emphaty which most of the time comes with certain expertise. This will be in certain areas of business as some subscribe to a comprehensive approach for business to grow.

5. Those who wants to change and improve themselves and willing to commit to a long term goal, are the people normally suit with the approach. The duration should be long enough for you to achieve some level of courage, confidence and clarity in what you do.

The above was my experience, which now be embedded in my personal values.


A group photo of me as participant with all other participants in a program conducted by MPC.

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