#3 : Name or Fame?

“Can you share some tips on how to choose a name for a kindergarten? What will be the effect and impact on the customer’s perspective and to the business itself?”


In any business, identity relates to brand and positioning. Many experts says that a business name should be appealing to their customers. It should be easy and unique enough for others to remember.

Well, in education business, particularly kindergarten and enrichment centres, what will be the best guidelines for choosing our preschool’s name?

There are 2 items which normally involved in a preschool or kindergarten business.

  1. The company’s name

The company is the entity, which manage the business. It involves team related in the operation including management, teaching and support staff.

Insan Cemerlang Enterprise
Sri Kasih PLT
Gugusan Nusa Sdn Bhd

  1. The Kindergarten’s name

Each centre will have a specific name to be identified.

Tadika Ceria Bestari
Pusat Perkembangan Minda Ceria
Pusat Tuisyen Ilham

In most cases, the business owner choose to have the same name for the company and the kindergarten / learning centres.

There is NO specific rules and regulation to choose a company’s name as long as it is adhere to the rules of the government body, which relate to the process of opening a business entity.

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In Malaysia, Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) is in charged to ensure that the process and procedures of company formation is adhered.

In the latest news (current), all kindergarten or learning centres name must be registered under SSM.

Therefore, it is possible to have another company registered as the management company and another one registered as the name of the kindergarten (learning centre).

Most of the time, the kindergarten’s name will be registered as enterprise, while the company is registered either using PLT or Sdn Bhd.

The differences of the company formation can be read at http://www.ssm.com.my.

Well, what makes a kindergarten’s name important?

Most of the time, the promotion of a kindergarten will be using the kindergarten’s name rather than the company’s management name.

  1. Name is the first impression to attract our customers.
  2. Name will determine the type of customers attracted.
  3. Name give ideas about the service in our school.

Let us view some example of names as below:

  • Tadika Ceria
  • Tadika Al-Falah
  • Taska Anakku
  • Tadika Wong


  1. Tadika will reflect directly to a preschool program for children age 4-6 years old.
  2. Taska reflect to a full day program and day care for children as young as 2 months old.
  3. The tadika’s name with Arabic word “Al-Falah” give a sign that the centre is providing Islamic education program.
  4. The tadika with a chinese name “Wong” gives an impression that there is mandarin classes offered for the children.

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There are some names of business which could give an impression that the kindergarten is an exclusive and expensive. Such words include:

+ international

+ private

+ worldwide


Many asked, should we name our kindergarten and learning centres that could restrict our customers?

Again, it depends on the business model itself.

Who are the customers that exactly targeted?

If it is meant to be a religious kindergarten, an Arabic name will best suit it.

However, if the program offered meant for all races and religion, choose a more suitable name which appeal to the customer segments.

Some preschool programs are creative enough by creating a different package of program under a different brand but managed by the same company.

For example, a reading program caters for those who speak English as a second language was set as “English the Easy Way”.

While a similar program with higher level of activities for those who speaks English at home was set as “English for Fun”.

Both programs were designed in the same structure but customized to two different sets of students (customers).

Again, the choice of names (company and kindergarten) will definitely give a direct impact to the business. Therefore, the business owner needs to be clear if the choice, which basically strongly related to the business model (plan).

Some basic steps on how choosing a name for an education centre (particularly kindergarten) in Malaysia:

1. Use a standard Malay word as it is part of the local council requirement. (Kindly get the latest update)

2. Choose simple and appealing name. Test it with others and get genuine feedback.

3. Prepare at least 3 names to do the name search at SSM.


“Name creates fame.”

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