# 4 Attending to Difficult Customers

“How do you handle difficult customers who are always demanding?

Most of the times, these customers like to complaint.”


Customers are the main important people in any business. Specifically in education business, parents are the real customers.


“Parents are important, but the children are our main concern.”

Complaint and feedback would be beneficial for both business owner and customers. In education business, feedback mainly revolves among some major areas:

+ education : academic achievement, arithmetic, reading and writing skills

Parents as customers have a specific expectations when it comes to academic achievement of their children as early as 4 years old.

+ children’s development : social skills, emotional stability

Not a single parents will be happy to have their children crying or unhappy to go to school. They want to have their children to be happy and all the schooling process to be smooth.

+ daily operation : school hours, children’s safety, customer relation

Customers will need certain degree of attention. Parents would love to be updated and communicated with all the information related to school operation and their children’s education related matters.


Well, who are exactly the people who would you defined as ‘difficult customers’

In many cases, customers who were categorized as difficult are those who are very supportive to the organization. In education business, many customers (parents) who send their feedback are those who wanted the best for both school and their children.

View some points related on how one can handle any situations which relate to complaints, feedback and customer relation.

1. Ready to receive feedback.

Be prepared to be commented and ready to listen. It is best if a specific channel be arranged for any feedback to be sent.

In education business there are normally a few types of important feedback need to be attended which can be categorized as important, urgent OR urgent and important.

+ important
Example: Our children’s progress report

+ urgent
Example: Our children’s current attendance record

+ urgent and important
Example: Parent’s contact number and next of kin to be contacted during emergency.

Open additional channel to receive feedbacks. This can be done through:
+ emails
+ calls
+… any suitable latest communication platform which is formal.

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2.  Work on necessary solution.

There are basically two types of feedback received:
+ technical

Technical situation can simply be solved with technical solutions. Find the cause of the issue. Remove or replace it with something better.

+ emotional

Emotional related situations need to be handled tactfully. This will depend on each situation and the people involved.

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3. Test, Measure, Improve.

For any action plan and action taken customers need to be informed. As we received complaints, we normally follow the steps as follow:

1. Listen to the situation attentively.
2. Inform what is the standard procedures in standard practice.
3. Advise customer on what will be done in the next 3 days.
4. follow up customers after 3 days to find out further feedback or improvement
5. Repeat step 1.

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