Latar Belakang (Background)


noraminah omar

Noraminah Omar

Author of Children’s Picture Books

Early Childhood Education Business Practitioner

Trainer in Conducting Story Based Activities for Children

Consultant at ABS Consulting PLT

Also writing : Business Management Book for Education Industry.

FB : Noraminah Omar

LinkedIN : Noraminah Omar

Twitter: @NoraminahO

Instagram: noraminahomar


Alright, this is a story about me.

I am a mother of 5 (going to be 6 in June 2015) and enjoy exploring life in a big family.
Oh ya! I also have 4 stepchildren in case you wonder about the photo.

I love being with people and work with others.




My latest venture is with ABS Ainon Holdings Sdn Bhd. I am one of the partners in some of the subsidiaries companies.

In ABS, I am holding the portfolio in the operation team and giving consultancy services in system and procedures to all the other subsidiaries in the group.

I attended some professional trainings including CAD/CAM Engineering, UM (2000) and certificate in Early Childhood education.

I was a preschool teacher since year 1999 and the journey ended me up managing preschool centers as a business owner in year 2007.

I was also trained as a preschool teacher and attained Certificate in Early Childhood, Pam Arnold College, Sijil Perguruan Tadika (Persatuan Tadika Malaysia) and Certificate in Early Childhood, DiKa College (

Later, as time pass by, I have decided to venture into a few other industries by partnering with new people and setting up new companies.

My passion in people and early childhood remains as I continue to involve in early childhood education through other platform in the similar industry, publishing.

In early year 2013, I started to join a group of writers and made myself part of a smaller group of children picture books writers and illustrators.

With the assistance of Tuan Zamri Mohamad (a literary agent) and Perbadanan Kota Buku Malaysia, I was lucky to be given opportunity to brush my skills in writing.

I write stories which inspires and educating children through life events. Stories are part of out stories and would love others to share it too.

In summary, here it goes:


– graduated officially

– began my career as a preschool teacher


2007 – started my first venture in preschool business (license)

2010 – continued business venture in preschool (franchise)

2011 – started to explore on ‘professional storytelling’

2013 – venturing into children’s picture book project


– exit the preschool business (sold all 5 preschool outlets)

– exploring new business venture in new industry with new partners

– published 5 children’s picture books (self-published)

pic 5 books








– 2 children’s book published by Karangkraf , Projek #100 Buku

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 12.28.47 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 12.29.39 PM







– published my first ebook.

ebook image



“I believe that trust given to people development with a strong support system to achieve success.”

Email :

27 langkah

“Guru Tadika merupakan sebuah kerjaya yang membuka kepada 1001 kemungkinan kejayan baru.”


FB : Noraminah Omar

LinkedIN : Noraminah Omar

Twitter: @NoraminahO

Instagram: noraminahomar

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